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The Best Trainers

Five Star Trainers see your business through the eyes of your client first, so we know what they want, and what you need to have South Africa's finest in the hospitality industry!

The Best Program

Through uniquely developed programmes tailored to your fine establishment’s requirements - five star's user friendly programmes have been well thought out and carefully planned in order to be easily learned and practiced by your staff.

The Best Results

Client satisfaction comes as a result of meeting their expectations, which in turn is a result of effective service delivery. This is a result of both what you know, and what you do.

"Hi, Great to have you with us"
"Welcome and please come in! What can I get you..?”
“A brilliant Waitron..?”
“Absolutely, would you like one with top class selling skills, a dash of humour and a serving of customer satisfaction on the side – Coming right up!”
With competition in the restaurant game being as fierce as ever, more and more business owners are seeing the value in having effective and competent staff interacting with their clients. Your guests experience is made up of two things; the quality of your food and the quality of your service. It is therefore critical that your guests are correctly greeted, seated and treated. It is the waitrons role to correctly facilitate the guests dining experience from when they enter your restaurant to when they leave. More often people are forgiving when it comes to inferior food, if they receive exceptional service from their waitron.
Your waitron’s have the power to create a dismal or a phenomenal dining experience. Your business and restaurant’s reputation is in the hands of your waitron – can you honestly afford the risks that come with a bad name in this game? Whether you sell a great dining experience or a dismal dining experience your client will be your biggest advert! What do you want them to say about you?
Five Star Waitron Training Academy will give your staff the tools they need to be five star waitrons – Giving your business the edge when it comes to delivering service excellence!

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